In April every year, we take a group of clients to the Arctic  dog sledding across Norway and Sweden. This proves incredibly rewarding and we are running another trip in April 2019.

Join an amazing 5-day Arctic experience in April 2019

  • Arrive in Tromso, Norway – Monday 15th April 2019

  • Depart from Kiruna, Sweden – Saturday 20th April 2019

Are you interested? Bring your son and/or daughter or a friend? It is an amazing bonding experience as many have found out.

We embark on a 5 day, 250km dog-sled experience across the wild and stunning tundra of northern Scandinavia, deep inside the Arctic Circle. We travel from the Arctic Coast in the West, across the high plateau of northernmost Norway to Kiruna in the heart of Sweden. Everybody drives their own team of dogs and sled. This is a very unique and special trip and the memories will linger long after you return from the Arctic Circle.

“This type of trip builds personal strength…a better understanding of myself…passing through one
of the parts of the forest, where there was a view for hundreds of miles, that was a ‘wow’ moment…”

You will have the chance to experience the astounding beauty of the Arctic whilst driving a sled and team of dogs across the snowy and frozen hills. Feedback from the expedition has consistently described it “as the best thing I have ever done in my life!”

Arctic 2018 1It is also a learning experience and we will be using the trip to teach you new behavioural, leadership and group skills. We give constructive feedback and use diagnostic tools to enhance personal development. Learning to adapt is an important life skill and is particularly relevant in the Arctic while dealing with the extreme climate, people and dogs. The expedition is all about taking people out of their comfort zones into challenging situations where decisions have real and immediate consequences.

“I chose to join Sandy on his trip to the Arctic and it proved to be an excellent experience, not just because of the sheer beauty of the region but also because of the focus and determination it brought out in my 19 year old daughter with whom I went.”

Over the years, we have taken a broad mix of people: from different countries as far afield as New Zealand and Brazil; from seasoned entrepreneurs to individuals who wanted to try something new; from teenage siblings to their parents and grandparents, aged from 16 to 70.

Description of the trip

We travel across the high mountain plateaus of Norway and Sweden over 5 days. All participants are given their own dogsled and 5 dogs to handle, as well as all the relevant equipment and clothing. We travel between 25km and 70km per day, overnighting in comfortable mountain huts with saunas.

“A fantastic experience… a trip of a lifetime… learning how different people are from each other but also how similar they can be… made some great friends… identified my own strengths and weaknesses… breathtaking scenery… I loved it all.”

We have found that people learn most effectively when they have the chance to experiment. The Arctic trip is an incredible experience that gives you the chance to practice and develop new skills as well as learn to recognise your positive and negative behaviours. We will give you constructive feedback and use diagnostic tools to enhance your personal development. Learning to adapt is important and this is particularly relevant in the Arctic, while dealing with the extreme climate, people and dogs.

This trip helps you to think and perform in a totally different environment. You will be able to bring that experience and use it in a positive way in your everyday life. It is about taking you out of your comfort zone into challenging situations where decisions have real and immediate consequences. It is an amazing and awe-inspiring experience. You will return with improved self-esteem, heightened mental strength, with a sense of achievement and a new found confidence.

The Trip

We leave the UK on Monday 15th April 2019 and fly to Tromsø, the capital of Arctic Norway. Due to the many polar expeditions that have begun here, the city is often referred to as the “Gateway to the Ice Sea”. The city’s urban mountain panorama is truly spectacular and with its rich café and cultural life, Tromsø has also been nicknamed the Paris of the North. On the first night, you will be briefed on the expedition itinerary and enjoy a welcome dinner. The next day we transfer out to the starting point for our 5 day journey. Here you are introduced to your team of dogs. Before departure you will receive instructions on how to handle the dogs and how to pack and drive your sled.

Arctic 2018 3During this unique adventure you will experience the most spectacular scenery that Arctic Lapland has to offer including the Northern Lights. The journey begins on the border between Norway and Sweden. From here, the trail climbs up to a mountain plateau where we stay in a warm comfortable hut that was originally used by the Swedish Resistance in World War 2. From there, we traverse across the largest area of permafrost in Europe. From the magnificent mountains, we continue to the remote lake district of Råstojaure in the heart of indigenous Sami tribe country.

The rest of the trip is full of adventure and challenges. You will see some of the most amazing scenery in the world and learn from it. We return to London on Saturday 20th April 2019, having started the day on dogsleds.

2018 Testimonials

“Great experience one cannot attain on their own. Highly recommended. “

“A fantastic thought provoking life experience, provided through seasoned expedition leaders ensuring challenging yet safe adventures.”

“Sandy is a maestro at team building and bonding exercises. The trip to the Arctic is a once in a lifetime opportunity to experience life on the edge without taking undue risk. It is exhilarating and very enjoyable.”

“We had a wonderful, exciting and interesting trip which was beautifully organised in a remote part of the world. I’d recommend it to anyone who wants to clear their minds and get away from it all.”

Our Net Promoter Score for 2018 was 100.

(The Net Promoter Score is an index ranging from -100 to 100 that measures the willingness of customers to recommend a company’s products or services to others.)


Book before 23rd December 2018 to get the special earlybird price of £3,999 ex VAT per person (normal price £4,500 ex VAT). Prices includes Pre-expedition team dynamic assessment, personal coaching, transfer from Tromsø Airport to the hotel, all Arctic expedition clothing and mushing gear, all meals including beverages, all accommodation and final transfer to Kiruna Airport. Flights are not included or personal insurance. Terms and Conditions are available on request.

Arctic 2018 4If you are interested in Arctic 2019, please complete the form below, send your name and phone number to, or call +44 207 042 9290.

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