Quantifying and managing culture is critical for bringing a Family Enterprise’s values “to life,” supporting the implementation of its strategies, and promoting adaptation, goal attainment, a winning performance and sustainability.

Culture has a greater impact on success and longevity than talent does

Behavioural norms have a significant impact on a family business’s ability to solve problems, adapt to change, and perform effectively at the top level.

I will help you transform your Culture and create an environment in which your staff and ideas can thrive

At the organisational level, research shows getting the right culture leads to:

  • A winning performance
  • Increased net profits
  • Better employee engagement
  • Improved safety and reliability
  • Successful merger integration
  • Creativity
  • Adaptability
  • Customer satisfaction.

Create a winning culture in a Family Business

My team and I are experts in creating winning cultures in family enterprises. We understand how Family Businesses work.

An effective culture increases productivity, effectiveness, efficiency and profits

Benefits to you

  • Reliable data is obtained on the behavioural norms of your family enterprise and/or its sub-units
  • Validates a need for cultural change on the part of the participants
  • Identifies the areas where change needs to take place
  • Develops a vision for culture change
  • Creates individual and family enterprise action plans for effecting cultural change
  • Evaluates the impact of your change efforts
  • Quantitatively measures and monitors key outcomes and causal factors
  • Determines the impact of business, team, and job level factors on the effectiveness
  • Assesses employee attitudes, motivation, and stress levels
  • Identifies targets for changing and improving engagement and family business performance
  • Identifies levers for closing the gap between the Family Enterprise’s current culture and its ideal culture
  • Monitors the impact of change initiatives and interventions in the family business
  • A winning and effective culture has shown that it improves the profit of a family business

“Customers will only love your business when the employees love it first.”

Please contact me if you want to transform your culture.