Leadership in a Family Office can be extremely challenging due to the dynamic relationship between your Family, your Family Office and your employees.

The Family Leadership role is multi-skilled, quite often reactive and completely varied.

This brings with it different kinds of pressures and demands.

I help develop Family Office leadership skills for you and your team and provide on-going mentoring and coaching.

Family Office Leadership can be defined and executed in a number of different ways.

  • I help strengthen thinking and behaviours that promote effectiveness and realise potential.
  • I measure the thinking and behaviour of your leaders.
  • I provide highly personalised feedback on ways of acting and reacting to people and situations shape better effectiveness.
  • Drawing from an extensive database of information on Leaders’ behaviour; I provide a detailed feedback report that is used to help improve the skills and effectiveness of your Family Office executives.

Lets us all be the leaders we wish we had

Benefits for you

  • I provide your executives with insights into their styles of leadership behaviour
  • I show your executives how their styles combine to shape their leadership performance
  • I develop your executives’ capacity to monitor and modify their behaviour
  • I offer your executives’ feedback to help them grow into positions of greater responsibility and effectiveness

Please contact me if you are interested developing leadership in your Family Office.