One of the most consistent challenges we have encountered in the many years of advising our family clients surrounds their “Next Generation” children and their education.

Many are lost or underachieving with their education choices.

The young often lack the confidence, motivation or the skills required to achieve success.

Educational difficulties are particularly common, with the Next Generation frequently struggling at school and failing to complete a university degree.

“Children do not want their Parents to be their Mentors. They want them to be their Parents.”

Our support includes helping you research, choose and apply for the perfect degree course for your children and supporting their academic progress.

“If the next generation is to face the future with zest and self-confidence, we must educate them to be original as well as competent.”

Our Approach

  1. Identify the specific educational requirements
  2. Research and create a Strategic Education Plan with near-, mid- and long-term objectives
  3. Put in place a team of specialists tutors to enable you to execute the set goals.

We provide for you Education and Career mentoring based on your unique needs.

Please contact me if you want help with the Education process and tutoring