Across the world, we are seeing a massive growth in new Family Offices, normally after a liquidity event.

Are you interested in setting up a Family Office?

We can help you, but beware that Family Offices are very complex businesses and require skill and knowledge to set them up correctly and effectively.

Too often, we find that there is no clear objective or soaring costs, which result in a change in direction or a closure of the office.

Family Offices are probably one of the most difficult businesses to set up and manage.To date, there are very few existing multi-generational single family offices.

The challenge for the owners and executives of Family Offices are having a clear vision, set of values and a defined purpose.

In our experience, we have seen that Family Offices can suffer from a lack of “emotional ownership”

This lack of emotional ownership can lead to problems in the long term, such conflict, contentious litigation and other disastrous situations. So getting it right at the start is very important.

A single-family office is an organisational structure that manages the financial and personal affairs of one wealthy family. Every family office is different because it is driven purely by the needs and preferences of the underlying family.

Our services include:

  • Designing you a bespoke, top-grade Family Office
  • Create and implement with you a strategy, vision and culture that creates the “emotional ownership” so that your family’s financial and human capital are both used to increase your family wealth across generations.
  • Conduct regular comprehensive audit reviews of your Family Office.

We are leading experts on the design, start-up and running of a Family Office.

Please contact me if you are interested in setting up a Family Office