One of the key challenges that families face, especially for the founder is the prickly issue of Succession.

The smooth transition of substantial wealth, or of a Family Business or a Family Office to the next generation based on status, merit and practicality can be a tricky process.

Govern a family as you would cook a small fish – very gently

Doing this with the agreement of all parties concerned is extremely complicated and can take time to find the right solution. This is especially true when taking over from an entrepreneurial parent.

Our Succession Planning process includes reviewing and presenting a balanced, fair strategic plan across the family structure to minimise discontent and future dispute, but ensure future success, welfare and happiness for the family and future generations.

Any transition needs to be planned and approached with as much preparation as possible to maintain stability and continuity. We prepare, train and help implement the Next Generation for succession.

We are very good at providing expert, impartial facilitation for succession planning.

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