We are very discreet about disclosing who we work with. However, we felt it important that some of what we have done is displayed in these testimonials below.

  • “…at the conference “Summit of Minds” in Chamonix Sandy Loder mentioned as an example of family office excellence.”

    From the Summit of Minds

  • “It goes without saying that I really enjoyed the week. Sandy made it simultaneously good fun and a personal development project, which all of us appreciated. A big thank you to you for arranging the whole thing and inspiring us all.”

    Future Leaders Programme

  • “It was a thoroughly enjoyable week, and I was impressed by just how much you managed to squeeze so much into four days. The Programme has given me plenty of things to think about going forward and has certainly helped me to improve my existing skills.”

    Future Leaders Programme

  • “I thoroughly enjoyed the course and can certainly attest to it being as useful as two years at University. I learnt things that not even an Eton education has taught me.”

    Future Leaders Programme

  • “We were experiencing severe difficulties with a major shareholder who had become overly domineering and in so doing was threatening the stability and wellbeing of the company. Sandy provided an insightful analysis of the individual’s psychological motivations and identified clear narcissistic behaviour. He then gave detailed advice on how to negotiate with an individual with these character traits and laid out a number of scenarios which should be avoided and also helped us choreograph an optimal set of circumstances for negotiation.

    Execution of Sandy’s strategy proved highly successful and it was remarkable how closely the individual followed the behaviour that Sandy had predicted.

    I would highly recommend Sandy to other management teams experiencing difficulties with strong shareholder personalities and am now a great believer in utilising psychological analysis as a key part of building a strategy for complex negotiations.”

    Senior Director of a Management Consultancy Practice

  • “Thank you for the excellent training day you delivered for my team.  I approached you with the aim that I wanted to help my team perform to a higher level, but didn’t want to take the traditional approach to training.

    You put together, and delivered, a very interesting and effective day that introduced us to the concept of the “Corporate Athlete” which has given everyone a lot to think about and act upon.

    Everyone really enjoyed it and they are keen to implement the ideas and tools you covered.  I am extremely confident it will lead to improved individual and team performance.”

    3 months later

    “You will be pleased to know that the training has made a lasting impression.  A lot of the things you said have been taken on board by the team – getting the balance right between work-side and self-side, being a corporate athlete and looking after yourself accordingly. We now have a feature in our monthly team meetings where a couple of the team share their goals, both personal and professional.  They really like this as it means they get to know each other better and see what drives their colleagues.

    I am very pleased with the impact. We are making good progress toward our corporate objectives. Their resilience, drive, determination and good health are as crucial as ever.”

    Wealth Management Performance Workshop 2016

  • “It has really made me think again about what I want to do with my life and the different ways in which I can achieve my long term goals. The only downside was that it did not go on for longer than a week.”

    Next Generation Programme attendee

  • “I would like to thank AH Loder Advisers and in particular Sandy Loder for his mentoring and advice. Since we first met, he has helped me move from a rather difficult and frustrating period in my life, where I was struggling to identify and focus on a new career, to a position where I am now progressing up the ladder in a well known institution. I am happier in myself, the future looks clearer and my new career is steadily going in the right direction. Sandy’s support and guidance was essential in helping me rebuild my confidence, enthusiasm and passion for work and ultimately, life.”

    Next Generation of a Family business

  • “The Loder programme of education involving training sessions, introductions and leadership has helped my grandsons to identify their strengths and play a more productive role within our family office. Equally I feel that Loder’s personal direct experience of the types of problem that confront them has enhanced their confidence in their working and social lives.”

    The Patriarch and founder of the Family Office

  • “Having worked in the field of family business for over 17 years, the programme was exemplary in more ways than one.  Firstly, it helps to foster entrepreneurial flair and spirit, something that was clearly in evidence in the pitches made to the dragons in the Dragons Den finale, and this is also something can be missing within a family firm where it has gone past the second generation.  It can be too easy for the next generation to step into a role in the family business having neither the desire to be there nor the entrepreneurial ability to rise to the challlenge as a potential leader in the future.  The programme helped to instil entrepreneurial spirit, make the younger family members on the programme consider the skills and attributes needed to succeed, and to question what they want to do going forward. I thought the programme was innovative, fun and above all, resoundly meets the needs of family business owners, the parents in the room, who get to see their own kids driving a project, participating and challenging their peers, something that rarely happens in practice. This programme should be celebrated, shared and run for many years to come as it clearly addresses a need in the family business space.”

    Family Business owner

  • “I would like to thank Sandy Loder and his team at AH Loder Advisers for the help and support they have given to my son. It was a daunting task from the outset as here was a young man with so much potential and certainly the where with all at his disposal, had he chosen to open up his eyes and mind. It is very hard for the young today to make that first step if you have absolutely no idea in which direction or path you want to follow. So it was with thanks to Sandy and his team of merry men and women trained to support and guide. A man for all seasons seems very apt for the team – men and women for all angles and manifestations of life. They were able to get my son into an employment situation, getting structure back in his life, working with a young entrepreneur that finally he felt admiration for and was prepared too take advice from to go out to America and there see one of the world’s most successful motivational speakers.

    Nothing is cut and dry in life and there is still a long road ahead

    But to give hope, direction, advice and confidence is in my case, worth every penny spent. I think even greater achievements could have been had, as there was more I am sure to offer had my son chosen to accept it and work a little harder.

    But to sum up,  I have and will continue to recommend AH Loder Advisers to friends and acquaintances alike who have other lost souls and there seem to be plenty of them about.”

    Divorced mother talking about her son who has a very successful father

  • “I started my journey with AH Loder Advisers hoping to gain some useful insight into how to develop my role within our family business. As any product of the modern school system would, I expected to be engaging with a teacher, what I got was a mentor, a role-model and a friend. Looking back over the initial period it seems as if I had a syllabus built directly around me, delivered by someone inspirational who took the time and attention required to apply every aspect to my specific situation and allowed the dialogue to change to address specific challenges that arose along the way. The process not only helped me in my position but changed my perspective entirely. In January the question was IF I could rise to a challenge, by June it was just HOW. Without a shadow of a doubt the most effective educational investment of my life so far.”

    A next generation member of a Family Business

  • “It follows a process of progressive maturation as far as my son is concerned, much of which was as a result of the coaching provided by yourself and your team. A year ago we were dealing with a very different person and we have seen tremendous improvement both in and out of work. The family collective is a major USP for business and fundamental to a purposeful life. I believe my wife was clever to realise we needed help with this situation but thank you particularly for your part in getting all of us on the right track. We are now in a very different and much improved place.”

    Owner of a Family Business

  • “Introducing the next generation to their share of the family wealth needs to be carefully managed. Education plays a key role in helping young beneficiaries understand their wealth and how to protect it going forward. If family wealth is held within trust structures, that education can also provide an invaluable insight into the role of trusts and trustees and can pave the way to a clearer understanding and better working relationship between trustees and their beneficiaries. As trustee of a number of settlements, A H Loder Advisers have provided valuable input and expertise in these areas.”

    Working with a Family, Trustee and Beneficiary