Prevent shirtsleeves to shirtsleeves in three generations.

Managing the legacy of the family enterprise is a huge responsibility and requires talents and skills that would test the strongest individuals.

Transition is challenging

Six out of ten families lose their wealth by the second generation. Nine out of ten by the third. Only 5% of failure is due to financial planning, taxes and investments.

85% is due to poor communication within and between generations

We exist to help change that situation

We can help improve their:

  • Financial awareness
  • Confidence
  • Self-esteem
  • Purpose
  • Ability to make good decisions in critical situations and with themselves
  • Key business and life skills
  • Ability to solve problems

Do not let inherited wealth become a handicap to happiness.

The Succession Programme

the-succession-programmeThe Succession Programme is a 12-month long programme explicitly designed to prepare the Next Generation for the succession of a Family Enterprise or a considerable amount of wealth.

A year-long programme allows:

  • A safe environment to practice new skills
  • Time to practice and embed the new skills
  • A time to build knowledge with a similar peer group

Many of the skills take time to practice – it is not enough to just know these skills.


The programme is delivered as both an Open programme and a Tailor-Made programme, designed to meet the specific needs of individual families.

They will be given the opportunity to put into practice what they have learnt and to receive feedback and support throughout the process.

Preparation is a process and not an event

The Open and International Programme benefits:

  • Understand themselves better, (includes a Judgement Assessment)
  • Become a more effective leader (includes a Leadership 360)
  • Become more confident and assertive
  • Improved resilience, (includes a Resilience Assessment)
  • Become more organised, self-disciplined and structured
  • Better at strategic planning and critical-thinking
  • Better at decision-making and problem-solving
  • Be more effective in meetings
  • Become more entrepreneurial
  • Learn to overcome the fear of failure

This programme helps change attitudes and encourages a growth mindset. It prepares and enables the Next Generation to be in a position where succession planning is possible.

Additional Benefits of the ‘Custom’ programme

  • An educational and coaching programme built around the specific needs of the family enterprise
  • Private
  • Tailor-made
  • As many coaching sessions as required
  • No minimum numbers

For the custom programme, we work with you to build the best programme that you need.

Additional Benefits of the ‘Open’ programmes

  • Building and enhancing a personal network
  • Observing and learning about other families approaches
  • Developing social and working group skills

One-to-One Coaching

Participants on all the programmes will receive one-to-one coaching.

Next steps

Help prepare for the future and give your children a chance to sustain and grow your legacy

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We expect the full commitment of participants and their family enterprises, as this programme will enhance the leadership of capacity of both.

Use our 30+ years of experience of working with over 1,000 wealthy young individuals to improve the knowledge and performance of your children.